I talk about vaccines and drones and dogs lol

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Is the world falling in on itself. Where people can’t say what they think with fear of reprisals. Everyone is welcome onto the podcast. Email: thetinbiscuitpodcast3@gmail.com Join the Telegram group where you can air you views/opinions without fear of repercussions etc… https://t.me/thetinbiscuitpodcast3

One from the vaults. I talk to Caroline farrow about what is transphobia. 

The Queen Is Dead. Its been a while since Ive done a podcast, but what a good time to start them back up.


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If you want to come onto the  podcast you can, everyone is welcome regardless if i agree or not.

Email: thetinbiscuitpodcast3@gmail.com

What did happen to the twin towers on 9/11 in New York. 


From the vaults. 

Here I moan about pretty much everything and in such a small space of time too.

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Here I do a follow up on the podcast I did about covid19

Here I give a QUICK thought on Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

Alex comes onto the podcast to talk about the vaccine damage payment he received.

Find Alex on Twitter: ake2306


Massive thanks to our sponsors 'Rip It Up Horror'

Instagram: rip_it_up_horror

Twitter: @ripdolls3


If you want to come onto the podcast just email: thetinbiscuitpodcast3@gmail.com

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